3 Tips When Looking for Wholesale Safety Knife Supplier

delivery from a wholesale safety knife supplier

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Choose the right wholesale safety knife supplier – Improve productivity and reduce product damage.


Let’s face it when a company decides to purchase new tools, the biggest challenge is to find the right supplier. The only way to maximize your investment in equipment is to choose the right wholesale safety knife supplier. That is why we listed 3 aspects that you should evaluate when choosing a supplier. 


Did you know that 1/3 of shrinkage in the retail industry is directly attributed to the box cutter? We have documented audits proving this number. That’s $39 billion in total lost profit! To change this scenario, get a high-quality safety knife to your company is fundamental.

It means that the equipment needs to have multiple blade-depth settings, ergonomic handle that extends and retracts the blade naturally, a unique snap-on lanyard to prevent lost-cutters, and on-board blade storage as a few examples. 

Experience in the industry

When looking for suppliers to make safety knives purchases, it is necessary to take into consideration not only the price but the quality of the products or services, determining the cost-effectiveness of each negotiation and, also, how long the supplier has been in the market.

Adco Industries Australia is leading the market in Safety Knives and Box Cutters for over 38 years, is the official importer & distributor for Adco Industries US since the 1980s. During this time, Adco Industries has been performing under a very unique set of guidelines. The team uses common sense, build-ability and cost-consciousness methods to engineer a solution for clients’ needs.

Customer service & previous customers

Even in the online environment, you may need guidance from a seller during a purchase, and once you have difficulty using the purchased item, call the help desk for questions. With this in mind, customer service involves every moment of the journey and is concerned primarily with ensuring the best customer service experience.

When looking for a wholesale safety knife supplier, pay attention to that and also in which companies already bought from this website. At Adco Industries Australia, we have established Australian brands as our customers, which shows that our products are recognised in Australia as high-quality safety knives.


Looking for safety knives or box cutter wholesale supplier for your company? Get in contact with one of our consultant! 

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