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Ray Davis Attributes One Third of Retail Shrinkage to Box Cutter!

This is the first of a series of short, informative emails from retail expert Ray Davis on ideas and solutions to bring profits, safety and productivity to the retail industry.

After being involved with the retail industry for over 40 years and seeing firsthand the results of the box cutter, it’s time that this hidden story is revealed. Box cutters just don’t seem to be on anyone’s radar!

Why is the box cutter not taken seriously? The box cutter has been a useful tool in the retail industry for over 75 years. It’s used by 100’s of millions of stockers every day. The box cutter is a tool that is needed to open millions of cases every day to display products for sale in retail stores around the world. It keeps retail moving.

Box Cutter’s Major Role in Retail

The box cutter is not a front page story because it has some ugly pictures that come to mind when you just say the word. But you would think a tool that is used by 100’s millions of stockers to open and display product would have respect.

The stockers that use these box cutters are loyal to a fault to whatever box cutter they use. I have never met a single stocker that had anything bad to say about their box cutter. Despite some of the negative things that box cutters are responsible for, the box cutter plays a major role in every retail store operation — and it should be taken seriously.

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