Self Retracting Safety Knife

Self Retracting Safety Knife

Self Retracting Safety Knife

Learn more about our Self Retracting Safety Knife product range! We are Australia’s exclusive Adco Industries Distributor and have a wide range of Safety Knives and Blades and products.

Introducing Adco Industries Easy Cut 4000 Safety Knife

Every feature and function of Easy Cut was engineered to reflect our customers feedback in the field – and the result is the revolutionary Easy Cut 4000! This safety knife is the retailer’s solution to opening boxes quickly and safely, without damaging product inside and eliminates cuts and lacerations! Easy Cut 4000 offers superior performance and long-lasting use, even in the most demanding retail environments!

Easy Cut 4000 has three precision blade-depth settings for precise cutting on all corrugated boxes (even difficult-to-cut Self Retracting Safety Knifeimported boxes!), and a patented radius-tip blade that protects the user and merchandise inside the box. “Blade Vanishing Technology” enables the blade to instantly retract inside the unit when it loses contact from the cutting surface, offering added safety to the user! The handy clip-on holster and lanyard offers convenient, safe storage – reducing injury and down-time looking for lost cutters! Dual-sided edge guides ensure accurate top cuts, and on-board blade storage enables fast, tool-free blade changes.




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