Buy Easy Cut Safety Knives Online

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Why Buy Easy Cut Safety Knives

 Adco Industries is a professional developer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality safety knives which helps to purge accidents and increase levels of safety.

Our Solution: The Easy Cut 6000 Safety Knife

An inexpensive and easy to use safety knife, peace of mind knowing that your product will be left damage FREE!

The Easy Cut 6000 series safety cutters are the latest addition to the Easy Cut range of safety cutters.

This is a very well priced cutter with all the innovation you would expect from Easy Cut. The Easy Cut 6000 is ideal for cutting through stretch wrap and opening boxes – they make tape cuts, top cuts, window cuts and tray cuts both easy, fast and safe. The patented trigger-in-trigger avoids accidental exposure to the sharp blade, making it an ideal knife to drop into your pocket without having to worry about exposed blades.

The blade release button makes it easy to safely replace blades as necessary.

The Easy Cut 6000 has an optional lanyard and holster available.


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