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Adco Industries Australia. Importers & Distributors. Adco Industries are the official importer & distributor for Adco Industries US, Adco have been designing and manufacturing Safety Knives since the 1980’s. The Easy Cut range of Safety Knives is a revolutionary range of knives proving unparallel safety for both user and for …

Developing the Worlds safest box cutters and stopping one accident at a time, improving productivity and reduction in product damage. Every Adco product that rolls out of production and into the workplace benefits the user in some way: through ease-of-use, safety, cost or waste reduction. Adco Industries, Dallas, Texas USA is a leading safety Cutter manufacture and home of the world renowned EasyCut™Safety Knife. Engineers have further developed a specialty razor blade from a unique manufacturing process.

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Adco Industries is a professional developer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality safety knives which helps to purge accidents and increase levels of safety.

Adco Industries Australia is the representative for Adco Industries USA, we offer the range of Easy Cut safety knives with unique features that prevent damage to stock and also prevent injury to the users. Adco Australia was established by John Scott in 2013, John Scott previously held the distributor rights for Shockwatch Australia.

Adco Industries (USA) was established in 1980 by Ray Davis after witnessing a terrible workplace accident, a young associate was cutting open a box and put the cutting device into the pocket of her pants. As she removed the cutter from her pocket, she accidently cut her leg and hit an artery. She nearly bled to death. The only thing that saved her life was the fast response of the EMTs. Ray stayed with the young woman until she was stabilized and out of harm’s way. The accident was so horrific that Ray began a quest to create a safer solution to opening boxes.

Six months later, Ray brought to market the Super Safe Top Cutter, the first box cutter safety knife developed in the U. S. Recognized as the most effective product in its field at the time, it is still on the market today.

Sit and Shop Adco Industries


The Sit and Shop was introduced to the market in 1984, long before ADA was enacted. It provides easy access and a comfortable shopping experience for millions of shoppers everyday who have difficulty or are unable to walk the length of a modern retail store. Sit and Shop remains the #1 selling manual sit down shopping cart today.

With two successful products under his belt, Ray’s new company, ADCO Industries, had taken its first steps and the direction was set as developers, manufacturers and of proprietary products and customer solutions. Ray brought together a uniquely qualified team to help him in this quest, many of whom are still with ADCO today.

In addition to product innovation, Ray rode the wave of the retail transformation of the 80s and 90s and also started a printing operation at ADCO. The Flexographic Printing Division quickly became an industry leader, providing superior printing services to the retail industry.

Combining proprietary techniques with the latest in printing processes, the printing division of ADCO developed the first-ever technology to successfully use water-based ink to print on plastic, dramatically reducing the cost. Ideal for POP display tags and other in-store promotional items, these custom branded retail tags increased in-store sales up to 30%.

In the years that followed, numerous other breakthrough products were introduced at ADCO, including the next generation of box cutters, the Easy-Cut line. Continuing Ray’s quest, the patented technology inside this safety knife virtually eliminates accidents and prevents damage to product inside a box.

A new line of Mini-Mule Vault Dollies and Vault Shelving for the convenience store trade was rolled out, changing the way cooler vault products are stored. The Vault Dolly system has been credited with reducing back injuries by 50%, and ensuring health sanitation standards are met by removing products off the floor.


Other major product introductions over the years have included the SafeTacher, the only safe retail apparel tag fastener accepted by O.H.S.A. This product contains a unique patented spring-action mechanism that encloses the needle on both ends and a no-touch needle replacement kit, offering triple protection to users every time. Other tagging devices contain exposed needles, causing constant injuries and putting users at risk of blood borne diseases.

After 36 years, ADCO Industries is now grown up, steeled by the lessons learned in the turbulent economic environments of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. ADCO Industries has thrived by listening to customer needs and by being responsive. Since the first product was introduced more than three decades ago, ADCO has continued to create products that not only solve problems, but also improve quality of life and work in significant ways.

Products recently released include: Mega Scraper, an industrial-strength floor scrapper that removes all types of residue; Mega Dust Pan created for quick and easy clean-up of large spills; Dust Vac, a safe new approach to cleaning electronic equipment that eliminates dangerous canned air; the new patented Easy-Cut 4000 and Easy Cut 4500, the ultimate solution for all box cutter needs!

These products represent another phase in the life-long journey for Ray Davis to develop the safest and most effective products for retailers to do their jobs!


Every ADCO product that rolls out of production and into the workplace benefits the user in some way: through ease-of-use, safety, cost or waste reduction. Proudly partnering with a customer base of over 4,000 businesses across the country and the globe, ADCO Industries continues to expand its product offering.

Always in forward motion, ADCO looks to the future with a robust research program to bring improvement to existing product line, while searching for the next generation product to exceed customer needs.

As ADCO Industries enters into its fourth decade, the opportunities are greater today than ever before. A company whose goals are rooted in solving problems is perfectly positioned in an ever-shrinking world connected through technology and supply chains to make ADCO’s next great product solution quickly available and accessible worldwide.

As Ray Davis puts it, “The key to our success is our willingness to listen to our customers — and recognizing there will always be problems to solve, and new solutions to discover that weren’t there before!” It’s the ADCO eternal quest for… Smarter products. Better life.

Problems Identified

Problem Identification begins with a team to understand “Stress Points,” and looking forward to determine what the end results needed to accomplish a successful outcome by adhering to three call to action factors.

Adco Engineering

Unlike traditional engineering rules to create a solution, Adco Industries performs under a very unique set of guidelines. The team uses common sense, build-ability and cost consciousness methods to engineer a solution.

Adco Manufacturing

Manufacturing a product as a result of research, testing and creating a fix is very rewarding. Our clients continuance to have problems solved by our teams is evidence that our solutions work and deliver value with competitive pricing.